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RSCDS website refresh

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society has updated their website. It now looks prettier, runs on more modern technological base and promises better up-to-date information.

This is the next step after the redesign of the society magazine to move forward in times, while preserving the original goals of the Society.

It is good to see the society recognising that internet is worth putting time and effort into, especially with members and branches all over the world.

On equal footing: Scottish Country Dancing and Football

In Lisbon, they know a good sport when they see one. During their annual Fun and Games Day, people can compete in many sports including Football, Touch rugby and Scottish Dancing.

While the rules for normal sports are easy to find, the ones used for two team competitive Scottish Country Dancing are somewhat harder to come by. Fortunately, I have the description here, courtesy of Roger Picken:

Two teams at a time are taught a simple dance (like Dunnet Head) during each “match” and the winner is the team which performs it best.

Apparently, this is a very popular activity. And, as described, capable of demonstrating that even a simple dance can present challenges by drawing upon one’s pattern memory, one’s sense of timing and distance and above all one’s ability to apologize after stomping on the partner’s foot during one of those advance and retire figures.