Cooking sour grapes

No, I am not complaining about food. I love food. And I love it different and – sometimes even – adventurous. Which is where Sour Grapes come in.

We have been walking around the neighborhood and have discovered Middle Eastern shop with some unusual but recognizable foods and some not-quite-recognizable ones. Our strategy with the later is usually to buy it and then google for its name/recipe. Usually it works quite well.

Not so, with the “Sour Grape Ground”, which looks like brown sand-like stuff with some white flecks. And it is impossible to find on the internet.

The problem of course is that “sour grape” means complaining, and there is a lot of that on the internet.

So, in the end, we just had to go from the general description. We had it in a stew and it was nice, though not outstanding. This probably has more to do with us not knowing the proportions, than with with the sour grapes themselves.

4 thoughts on “Cooking sour grapes”

  1. The middle east is full of these kinds of strange powders. I wish I could identify this one, but I’m at a loss too. Good luck!

  2. I know this may sound like a silly question but have you tried asking the shop’s owner what they use this powder to make? Also you may be able to contact a middle eastern restaurant and ask them. Just some ideas that may or may not be obvious. Keep us updated on what you find out, you’ve piqued my curiosity!

  3. P.S. I tried to look this up too and found the word goureh with the words (sour grapes) behind it, possibly a lead? They use it interchangeably with lemon juice on a variety of dishes. Hang in there and kuddos on trying new things, what a great idea.

  4. Hi Jess,

    Glad it got your interest going. I think it is used mostly in Iranian dishes, in soups or some such. So, your theory of using it to replace lemon juice may make sense. I might try it in a dish instead of lemon next time.

    And the shop’s owner did not speak English. So, that’s a lead to nowhere.

    Oh, and if you ever figure out this mystery, I am now in the possession of ‘Pepper Soup’ mix from an African shop. The ingredients of that mix make for an even stranger story.

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