Running Bikel’s parser programmatically

Bikel’s statistical parser is designed to be run from the command line. I need to run it from my own code.

The following wrapper seems to do the trick on windows (with your own values for|parserdir| :

String settingsFile = "|parserdir|\\settings\\";
Parser parser = new Parser("|parserdir|\\bikel\\wsj-02-21.obj.gz");
Sexp result = parser.parse("(This is a funny world)").list());

There is a complaint when running the above code:

Settings different during training than now
was |parsedir|\settings\
is null

This however does not impact anything and correct values seem to be picked up.

Also, all the scripts are designed for *nix with a lot of flexibility and variables built in. To get it running on Windows, I hardcoded everything but the input file and this is the result:

set PDIR=|parserdir|
java -Xmx500m -cp "%PDIR%\dbparser.jar;%CLASSPATH%" -Dparser.settingsFile=%PDIR%\settings\ danbikel.parser.Parser -is %PDIR%\wsj-02-21.obj.gz -sa %1