Another large syntax tree visualiser

I found another online syntax tree visualiser that can cope with large trees – phpSyntaxTree. It requires square brackets instead of the lisp s-expression ones, but it should not be too hard to convert from one to another. There is also a Ruby version of the application from a different developer, but it refused to display one of my large sentences that the original had no problems with.

The result of the parse is an image and is fairly easy to read with the leaves (words) laid out in strata (stratas?). My own visualiser is not able to do that at the moment. On the other hand, it uses Graphviz which can output SVG and I am hoping eventually to use that for a semi-interactive tree exploration interface.

2 thoughts on “Another large syntax tree visualiser”

  1. Hi, you mention using the svg representation to build an an interactive tree exploration interface. You mean the svg representation made by PhpSyntaxtree ? I’m trying also to make it respond interactively.

    Modding the svg code was not too difficult (but boy, did I have a hard time finding out that the “target” attribute for links is not supported by firefox 2, only by Opera at that point!).

    So I made the nodes into links, bringing up a litle extra detail information in a side frame or popup. But I think you might be talking about folding the tree, to partially display it ? I’d be very much interested If you have had any luck with that! Could you please send me an email to let me know how you’ve fared ? thanks !!

    greetings, Maarten

  2. Maarten,

    Actually, I had my own SVG generating code, but it did not get too far. I think I run into the same problem as you did with target, etc.

    If I will work on this problem again, I will probably try Dojo GFX first.

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