Swearing in esperanto

I don’t swear! I find that if I use up the swear words in day-to-day situations, I will have nothing to use in the critical moments when I actually need to let the steam out. Interestingly, when I do get those moments, I still do not really swear. But I need to know that such release vent exists.

So, I was relieved (if a bit surprised) to find that a competition was held on swearing words and expressions in Esperanto with prizes for top three places and that there were enough candidates offered to need the judges. It took 6 months, but the candidates and the winners are now available. No translation into any other language was provided, but most of the words and expressions are recognizable by anybody who can read Roman alphabet.

This is of course nowhere close to the Russian language, which has a whole shadow language of swearing, but it is probably sufficient for now.

2 thoughts on “Swearing in esperanto”

  1. I was visiting my family in Serbia a few years ago, boy did that open my mind to the creative potential of swearing.

    Some of the things that were coming out of my nada’s mouth were mind boggling, i mean, I’d be astounded if anyone said it, let alone an elderly woman who probably should have a walking frame.

  2. Wouldn’t surprise me. Serbian, like Russian, is a much more (grammatically) complex than English and probably has its own swearing sub-language.

    The bit about grandmother (but I assume not mother) using it is a bit more surprise, but probably not too much if Serbia had the same clamp-down on it as Soviet Union did.

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