Yuri’s night – let’s go

Yuri's Night | World Space Party | April 12Tonight (April 12th, 2007) is Yuri’s night, a celebration of first manned space flight done by Yuri Gagarin, the russian cosmonaut. It is 46th anniversary of the original 1961 event.
I had missed the party last year, but – being Russian and a geek – I am certainly making it this year. There are parties all over the world (124 parties in 35 countries), including where I live currently.

As an aside, I just realised that Russian drinking toast is ‘Поехали’ (Let’s go), which is exactly what Gagarin said on launch. Another historical riddle is now unraveled.

2 thoughts on “Yuri’s night – let’s go”

  1. Hello Alexandre,

    Sorry but this comment is not releated to Yuri’s night although I hope you had a good night!

    I share your interest in toubleshooting Java applications on production environments, something I have been doing for the last four years and I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you how useful I have found your blogs and online presentations on this topic.

    I am based in London and run the London Middleware Bea User Group so if your ever in town by all means let me know and we will be happy to take you out for a drink in exchange for picking your brains!

    Its good for me to learn that I come to similiar conclusions to yourself on toubleshooting methods and tools.

    I will be blogging on a number of performance issues that our members ran into recently, the tools we used to debug them and the issues we faced, It would be great to have your comments on these.


  2. Hello Hussein,

    It is a wrong entry to comment on, but we will let it slide.

    I am glad you are interested in the same issues. Given that I worked at BEA before, I have a feeling that BEA platform provides challenge and material for the troubleshooting skill development.

    If I am ever in London I will make sure to get in touch.

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