Spoiled by Eclipse

I am just so spoiled by the incremental filter in the Eclipse’s preferences dialog! In fact, I was totally taken aback when I tried to turn off so-called smart quotes in the Microsoft Office. I thought the choice was somewhere in the Tools/Options dialog, but actually looking for it manually was a real pain. I even stared at the overloaded screen for a couple of seconds willing for the search box to show up.
In the end, it was all for naught. The option was actually in a pop-up sub-dialog of a completely different menu section (in MSWord 2003). Good thing I have roughly known what to look for. Unfortunately, I don’t think the new Ribbon will make changing these obscure options any easier.

5 thoughts on “Spoiled by Eclipse”

  1. Caitlin : It is true that you can find that functionality in the help file. Consider however the number of keystrokes required for that. You have to call up the help interface, put in your keywords, look through the entries to find a relevant one, go back to the software and then manually navigate to the correct option.

    In Eclipse, it is go to the option dialog and start typing the keyword. By the time you are finished, you have one or two relevant entries within one click and the rest hidden away.

    RickyI haven’t worked with IDEA for a couple of years now, so not sure which way feels faster. But either way is good – and much better than what MSWord offers.

  2. I have been trialling MSWord 2007 Beta version and I can assure you it is even harder to find more obscure options in the ribbon dialogue – so much so that for somethings I opened the document in an old word program to make some changes and then brought it back into 2007.

  3. I can’t agree more. That feature should be part of any UI component. It is all over the place in Ubuntu.

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