Who is blogging about Weblogic

There are some people out there blogging about Weblogic. Here is the short list in hopes this article will make them a bit more noticeable:

  • Cid Danis. Weblogic Senior support engineer
  • Unknown, but thorough in documenting test problems
  • Vinny Carpenter, who is using Weblogic and blogs good links and articles
  • News from BEA Dev2Dev. From the horse’s mouth so to speak (Link updated: Feb 2007)
  • Moazam Rajas. He is actually SUN Senior support engineer, but if you run Weblogic – or any other J2EE servers – you will do well to read his articles

All of the blogs above have RSS feeds.

There is also a couple of interesting individual links:

If you use Weblogic, check these out.
BlogicBlogger Over and Out

2 thoughts on “Who is blogging about Weblogic”

  1. I blog sometimes mostly about Weblogic administration (since that ‘s my job) see: http://www.jroller.com/page/ldewavrin .

    N.B 1: I have to admit that the content of my Blog ‘s poor today (I hope I’ll have time to post more frequently articles and thoughts of better quality)
    N.B 2: English is not my native language and I do my best to speak and write it properly…

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